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The horizontal support is made from square aluminum stock, bolted to the frame of the vehicle.  I drilled and tapped the frame, using
two 3/8" bolts to fasten the aluminum to the frame.   The third bolt was an original 1/2" bumper bolt that I had to reinstall. The actual 
antenna mount is made by High Sierra, and was originally purchased as a trailer hitch mount for another vehicle. The High Sierra     
mount is bolted to a vertical piece of round aluminum stock with a pair of stainless u-bolts.  The round stock is turned down on one   
end and sits down into a hole in the square aluminum stock.  A single bolt holds the round aluminum stock in place.                            

The HI-Q sits on a quick disconnect. To remove the antenna, you loosen the stainless steel hose clamp, and then
twist the antenna to release it from the quick disconnect.  Extra insulating washers were purchased from HI-Q to
make the mounting of the quick disconnect work out. The coil helps to provide a match on 75M and 40M.            

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